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Game changer for Logitech users
  • Load Cell feel
  • Easy to install
  • Economically viable option compared to a new pedal set
  • Encourages 'muscle memory' aspect of braking
  • Range of options available
  • Perhaps not as much 'initial travel' as might be preferred
Came quite late to this particular party after finding out about it from a fellow sim-racer.
Glad I found it when I did though!

Reasonably affordable, and the dispatch time was also pretty good. This mod provides the user with what the seller calls an 'electromechanical load cell', which for all intents and purposes is essentially that load cell feel many regular car drivers will be used to when applying the brake pedal.

The beauty of it is that it no longer requires the user to rely on pedal travel and instead promotes muscle memory in the braking leg, which, over time, leads to much more consistent braking pressure... and it improves trail breaking capacity by quite some margin as a result, too.

A definite A+ from me. Recommended for any Logitech G pedal user wishing to level up their sim-racing experience on a budget.
ABOE UK recommends this item
Expensive and useless
  • Plenty of customisation
  • Huge bugs
  • No support
  • Subscription model
Misses the mark by a mile. Hugely expensive subscription for software that is full of bugs (some that affect your PC in the worst ways) and no reply to support requests.
imurgodau does not recommend this item!
What bugs were you having? And how did they effect your PC?
I used to have sol 2.2.1 and everything worked fine, but then I installed 2.2.5 and the weather stopped working, I turned on the rain, but there was no rain, only the wipers worked and the sky darkened