You might be like me, sometimes scrolling through the infinite wasteland that is the Steam Store, hoping to see something that strikes your fancy. Something rather peculiar struck me while browsing Steam's ongoing Next Fest, a "celebration of upcoming games". GeneRally 2 is coming?

Remember GeneRally?​

Back in the dark days of the internet, early 2002, two Finnish brothers released a game to the world. GeneRally was its name. Its features were, excuse the pun, generally interesting:
  • Top-down racing game
  • Customisable AI
  • and of course, the detailed track editor for direct modding
All the while, the game has been free to download. Until 2010, the development of GeneRally halted. At this point, the games' source code was handed over to some long-standing community members, who continued working on it until 2018.

This is when a follow-up to the highly customisable racing game was announced. GeneRally 2, which had been in development since mid-2012.

So What Does this Sequel Bring to the Table?​

This game seems like a rework of the original, bringing the OG GeneRally into the modern age.
  • Updated Graphics
  • Reworked Code
  • Modern UI
  • A more intricate track editor
It seems to stay rather true to the prequel. And here's the best thing:
In accordance with the Steam Next Fest, you are able to try out the GeneRally 2's demo right now for free.

Later this year, the title will go into early access on the same platform.

I know I will try it out. How about you? Do you still have some nostalgia for this classic title? Let us know in the comments down below!
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This is fantastic news!!

I was hoping for Circuit Superstars to fill in that gap, but the AI and driving just missed the mark. Though that game looks beautiful. I designed so many cars and tracks for GR1 with all the easy to use editors. It was amazing what you could do with 40 polygons and 30 vertices...
Great memories with the first Generally, epic races with mouth-made engine noises, and lot of good time with the editor: Crazy elevations, flowded areas... Ahah!!
I'll try the 2's demo, for sure!
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Mitja Bonca
Demo is pretty cool few tracks and track builder included, you are just not able to save the track.
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OMG, I've been searching for GeneRally for 15 years!!! Played the shareware back in the days and failed to find it ever since. Thanks RD for also covering arcade racers; will definitely try the new demo and the old freeware game :)